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New Study: No Health Benefits to Alcohol

New Study: No Health Benefits to Alcohol Every so often, research surfaces that highlights the supposed benefits of drinking alcohol, but a new study suggests these findings are exaggerated; there is no real connection between alcohol and good health; and even “moderate drinking” may be detrimental, especially in elderly individuals. Although studies have noted a common trend between moderate alcohol consumption and excellent health, according to new research now published in The Journals of Gerontology, this is simply the result of socioeconomic differences. As noted by Medical Daily, individuals of higher socioeconomic status tend to drink more, but they also tend to have the resources to better look after their health. In the new study, which was focused specifically on the effects of drinking in older adults, the team found that when they controlled for level of socioeconomic status, any relationship between moderate drinking and health significantly reduced for women and completely vanished for men."In fact, our research...

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